Clean Show 2019 Highlights: The Latest Innovations by Laundrylux

Laundrylux Clean Show 2019

At Clean Show 2019, the largest trade fair for textile care in the Western Hemisphere, Laundrylux showcased many innovations designed to improve and challenge the laundry industry. Most notably, we unveiled the game-changing Universal Washer that left the competition and industry attendees in awe.

If you weren’t able to attend Clean Show 2019 or need a refresher on the many innovations Laundrylux displayed, here are the highlights:

Highlights From Clean Show 2019

1. The Universal Washer

The Universal Washer is set to disrupt the laundry industry with innovative new technology from Laundrylux and Electrolux. When a load of laundry is placed inside the washer, dynamic pricing goes into effect based on the weight of the load.

This feature provides a wealth of benefits for the end-user and for the business owner. Stay tuned on our blog for a full announcement and more information on the benefits and features of the Universal Washer.

Neal Milch Universal Washer Clean Show 2019

2. New Cash Kiosk for LaundryPulse and LaundryPay Apps

At Clean Show 2019, Laundrylux further enhanced the capabilities of their laundry management software (LaundryPulse) and laundry payment app (LaundryPay) with a new cash kiosk.

The kiosk allows laundromat owners to avoid credit card fees while serving bank-less customers who may not have access to a credit or debit card. Laundromat owners will also be able to monitor and manage the cash kiosk remotely through LaundryPulse for additional visibility into store analytics.


3. Encore by Laundrylux

The second generation of Encore washers and dryers by Laundrylux reflects months of intense research and engineering to build the best performing and most reliable small chassis commercial front load washers and dryers available today.

These machines are ideal for laundromats and multi-housing laundry rooms requiring high-frequency usage. The range of products within the Encore line includes a standalone washer and standalone dryer, available in gas and electric, as well as washer/dryer stacks and dryer over dryer stacks.

4. Encore Top Loader by Laundrylux

Laundrylux’s new top-loading washer boasts an extended lifespan, making it the industry’s first true commercial top loader. The service-friendly design makes it simple to use, and it is compatible with network and electronic payments.

5. Line 6000 Electrolux with new “Vibe” touch screen controller

Our new Line 6000 Electrolux machines, available in vended and on-premise configurations, come equipped with an intuitive new digital interface using full HD 7” touch screens.

Our intensive research and cutting-edge product development have led to an ergonomic line of washers and dryers that ensures effortless operation, increased productivity, and significant long-term savings.

For additional information on any of the products debuted at the Clean Show, please connect with the Laundrylux team to learn more about our latest coin and OPL innovations.

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