Accelerate ROI By Partnering With A Full-Service Laundromat Supplier

Entrepreneurship and self-sustainability are significant goals for many people, offering benefits from being your own boss, improving your work-life balance, and creating a profitable business that can be handed down to future generations.

Laundromats offer a significant opportunity for the new business owner. One of the main benefits of starting a laundromat over other types of small businesses is the fact that they have an excellent potential ROI – from 25-35% in the first year alone.

Even with these numbers, laundromat owners can make choices that can accelerate ROI, making a laundromat more profitable in a shorter time frame. Some decisions that can be made to accelerate your path to productivity include choosing the right location, understanding your target demographics, and partnering with a full-service laundromat supplier.

What is a full-service laundromat supplier?

Creating a viable business from the ground-up requires an enormous amount of effort and a variety of different skills. Experience is essential, helping to drive the decisions that will impact the long-term success of your business; however, many entrepreneurs are first-time small business owners without the experience needed to make the best decisions for the business.

That is why choosing a laundromat supplier can be one of the most crucial decisions for a new business owner. Laundromat suppliers vary in the level and type of services that they provide to their clients. Many companies offer commercial laundry equipment, but few can provide end-to-end, consultative support for a new laundry entrepreneur.

How can a full-service laundromat supplier help an owner overcome challenges and accelerate ROI?

Business planning

Creating a business plan can be complicated. It requires the entrepreneur to select a location, examine the customer base, decide on the layout, equipment, and services that will be offered while making realistic predictions for income, cash flow, utilities, expenses, and more.

Using in-depth knowledge of the laundry industry combined with data analytics, a full-service laundromat supplier can provide information that will help you make realistic predictions to inform and shape the creation of your laundromat business plan.

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Ensuring that your laundromat has the optimal location is critical to long-term success. However, as a new business owner, how can you know if it’s better to rent a storefront in a neighborhood with lots of apartment buildings, or refurbish an existing laundromat in a high-traffic strip mall?

Again, this is where experience can help a new small business owner to evaluate different options, and ultimately make the best decision for the business. A full-service laundromat supplier will be available to help support an entrepreneur and find the ideal location for their business.

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Store design is an essential part of the customer experience. Would your customers prefer a clean, Scandinavian feel, or a kitschy 50’s vibe? What layout will be the easiest to maintain and keep clean while maximizing the value you gain from every square foot?

A full-service laundromat supplier can help you make important decisions, ensuring a cohesive design and efficient layout to provide the best customer experience, in a well-planned, attractive, and easily-maintained setting.


As a new business owner, you will need to consider a variety of marketing tasks and tools that you may have limited experience with. These tasks include designing and maintaining an informative and engaging website, creating a strong brand that will resonate with your target audience, designing and printing in-store and promotional materials, and using on-brand digital and social media assets to promote your store.

A full-service laundromat supplier can help a business owner build a comprehensive, high-impact marketing plan to drive business results, including accelerating ROI so that you can make bigger profits, faster.

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Equipment & Financing

Commercial laundry equipment comes in many sizes, styles, and types; and it can be challenging to determine the correct mix. A laundromat supplier can help you decide on the equipment that will best suit your needs – the number and types of washers and dryers, the features that will be most useful to you and your customers, and more. Moreover, a full-service laundromat supplier can provide laundromat equipment financing to help you get your new business off the ground.

Partnering with a full-service laundromat supplier like Laundrylux can help a new business owner build a successful business, one that they can expand or pass down to future generations. Laundrylux, a family-owned and operated company, has over 60 years of industry experience that can help laundromat owners make smart business decisions, guiding them on the path to design and build a business, and accelerate the return on their investment.

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