10 Reasons Why Electrolux Is the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Laundromat Businesses

Are you in the market for the best coin washers and dryers for a new laundromat or existing coin laundry business? When opening a laundromat business, Electrolux Professional equipment will help you deliver a great service to your customers, and with energy and water-efficient technologies packed into every machine, you’ll be able to keep your utilities to a minimum.

10 Reasons to Choose Electrolux Professional for Your Laundromat Business

1. Attract New Customers With Electrolux Brand Recognition

If you are opening a laundromat business, you’ll want to attract and keep a loyal customer base as quickly as possible. The Electrolux Brand is synonymous with quality and will have customers visiting your store from day one.

Need help finding your customers? Do Your Research: Know Your Customers and Their Neighborhood

2. Manage Your Utility Bills With Electrolux Water Savings Technologies

With a growing customer base, your store will quickly generate healthy revenue. Your next task is managing running costs so you can keep as much of that revenue in your business as possible. Thankfully, Electrolux Professional washers come with smart water-saving technologies, so you can keep your water and sewage bills in check.

3. Save on Running Costs With Electrolux Energy Efficient Dryers

Like water and sewage, managing energy consumption is an important task for laundromat owners. That’s why so many successful store owners choose the Electrolux professional. Our energy-saving dryers will help your energy bills to a minimum.

4. Offer the Convenience of Speed: Choose Large Capacity Electrolux Washers With High-Speed Spin

Electrolux Professional coin washers are available with large capacities — big enough for a family’s weekly laundry. While our washers’ high G-force spin leads to superior water extraction, dramatically cutting the time needed in the dryer. That means your customers could get their weekly laundry washed and dried in under an hour— a big selling point in today’s fast-paced world.

5. Save on Long Term Upkeep by Choosing Durable Electrolux Commercial Equipment

Unreliable washers and dryers are doubly bad for business. First, you’ll need to pay for your equipment to be fixed. But perhaps even more damaging is the reputation hit your store takes from the appearance of out-of-order signs.

Electrolux Professional commercial laundry equipment is built for reliable performance, so you can focus on running a successful coin laundromat business without the headache of regular equipment failures.

6. Take Advantage of the Latest Laundromat Business Tools: LaundryPulse & LaundryPay

LaundryPulse and LaundryPay work together to deliver convenience to both store owners and their customers. LaundryPulse will help you manage your store (or multiple stores) right from your phone, and the LaundryPay app delivers the ultimate laundromat experience to your customers.

7. Take Control of Your Business With Compass Pro

Compass Pro is the powerful yet intuitive microprocessor available on Electrolux Professional coin washers and dryers. With Compass Pro, you can easily set prices and create custom programs all from one knob. And it’s easy for your customers too. They simply turn the knob to select their desired program. But that’s not all! Custom Pro displays two languages at once, perfect for stores in multilingual neighborhoods.

Want to see more? Watch this video on Electrolux’s Compass Pro technology.

8. Finance Your Dream Laundromat Business With Laundrylux Funding Services

Once you’ve decided that Electrolux Professional equipment is right for your business, you’ll realize that working with Laundrylux — the exclusive North American distributor of Electrolux Professional laundry equipment — comes with many extra benefits. Laundrylux Funding Services (LFS) offers attractive financing packages paired with laundry industry expertise.

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9. Promote Your Store With Laundrylux Creative Services

With your store fully equipped with Electrolux Professional coin washers and dryers, you’ll be able to offer the best laundry service in town. Next, it’s time to get your message out there. Laundrylux Creative Services (LCS) can help you plan your grand opening, design your signage, build your website, and much more.

Need marketing support? See how LCS can help promote your laundromat — in print and online!

10. Join Forces With Your Local Partner: Our Electrolux Authorized Distributors Have the Insight You Need

No matter where you are in North America, Laundrylux can connect you with your local Electrolux Authorized Distributor. Not only can your local distributor help you choose the right mix of equipment for your laundromat, but they can also install your washers and dryers and service your equipment for years to come.

Many distributors are experts in laundromat construction and brokerage too. And your local Electrolux Authorized Distributor is the best source for understanding demographics and customer needs in your area.

Find your local Electrolux distributor: Contact Laundrylux today!

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