Profitability Meets Sustainability with Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment

Do you want to make your laundromat, in-house laundry, or dry-cleaning business more eco-friendly? Electrolux Professional Coin and On-Premises Laundry (OPL) Equipment can help your business save on energy and water consumption, which means lower utility bills and higher green credentials.

✓ It Pays to Go Green

If you think that your business must choose between profits and sustainability, think again! While the initial cost of energy-efficient equipment may be higher than less efficient models, your business will be paid back many times over in utility savings alone.

Eco-Benefits of Electrolux Professional Washers & Dryers

Electrolux Professional laundry equipment is packed with innovative and efficiency-boosting technology. Here are just some of our equipment’s eco-friendly features.

✓ Auto Savings

AS automatically calculates the actual weight of each load — then adds precisely the right amount of water needed, significantly reducing water consumption up to 50% and energy costs.

✓ EcoPower

This unique technology senses when garments are dry and then automatically lowers the dryer temperature creating up to 15% in energy savings.

✓ High Spin Extraction

High G-Force extraction technology removes more water from your garments. This means less time is needed in the dryer, and less energy usage overall.

✓ Reversing Dryer Cylinders

Reversing dryer cylinders improves dryer efficiency and minimizes tangling and wrinkling. Sheets and towels dry faster, saving your business energy and time.

✓ Compass Pro

Easily adjust parameters such as water levels, temperatures, and drum action to lower water usage and cost.

Do You Know… Electrolux Is a Leader in Sustainability

✓ Electrolux has cut its carbon footprint by 27% since 2005.
✓ Electrolux has increased its use of recycled plastic by more than 50% per year on average since 2012.
✓ Electrolux has increased the efficiency of its products with 42% less energy used per manufactured product in 2016 compared to 2005.

Read the full Electrolux Sustainability Report 2018.

Laundromat Owners Guide To Increasing Profit

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