Introducing Electrolux Professional Line 6000: New Commercial Washers & Dryers for Laundromats & On-Premises Laundries

Laundrylux announces the launch of the new Line 6000 Electrolux Professional laundry equipment. Electrolux Professional high-spin washers feature the industry’s most powerful 450G extraction and are available in six models, ranging from 18 to 80-pound capacity. Matched with Line 6000’s high-efficiency dryers, Electrolux Professional offers the industry’s most advanced cost-saving technology designed to slash utility costs and make profits soar like nothing else on the market.

With breakthroughs in processing speed, cleaning performance, energy efficiency, and advanced user experience, laundromat owners and OPL operators can now increase their ROI with complete ease and seamlessly take their business to new realms of profitability. Electrolux Professional washers and dryers don’t just offer greater control; they give business owners more time, flexibility, and freedom.

“Success in the laundry industry ultimately comes down to how well you manage both revenue generation and utility expenses: with the wrong equipment, hard-earned revenue goes down the drain in excessive water and energy bills,” says Cody Milch, President of Laundrylux. “Electrolux Professional laundry equipment makes it possible to reach your maximum profit potential. Procter & Gamble uses Electrolux Professional machines for the 1st Tide Laundromat store in Chicago.”

Procter & Gamble uses Electrolux Professional machines for the 1st Tide Laundromat store in Chicago.

Electrolux Professional washers include:

  • Brilliant 7” HD color touchscreen display packed with 35 languages and virtually unlimited program capacity, giving customers a laundry experience they won’t find anywhere else.
  • Unique pivoting front-mounted soap dispenser for liquid or powder detergent, softener, and bleach, positioned for easy access by everyone. No more reaching for a soap box on top of the washer!
  • Utility-saving technology can cut water bills by 50% and reduce energy consumption by 40%, compared to 100G washers.
  • Our fastest ever 450G extraction is sustained throughout the entire spin cycle, which has never before been achieved in the industry. This true spin technology delivers incredible wash results and lightning-quick drying.
  • Boost revenue and increase customer throughput by up to 38% during peak laundromat hours. With a complete wash and dry time of under 45 minutes, owners don’t just serve more customers; they serve happier customers.

New Line 6000 Electrolux Professional washers and dryers are available now. Contact our commercial laundry experts to learn more >