Electrolux Professional shines in Sochi

Electrolux Professional delivers winning equipment to 18 international hotels in Sochi

To handle the influx of guests to Sochi, Electrolux Professional equipped 18 international hotels and a wide numbers of restaurants with the latest food and laundry technology; more than 7,000 machines – that’s 100 truckloads – worth over five million euros, have been supplied by Electrolux Professional to serve approximately 30,000 healthy, energizing meals and wash 20 tons of linen every day.

When the hotel contractors began to outline the project for the kitchen and laundry facilities, it was essential that they achieve best-in-class efficiency, the highest levels of innovation and streamlined operations; they wanted reliable, high performing solutions and peace of mind.

This is why the investors turned to Electrolux Professional and its unparalleled global presence, as well as its ability to offer knowledge and resources to manage this large project within multiple parameters from consultancy, pre-sales, sales, logistics, project management and customer care support. The exclusive facilities of the 18 international hotels were powered with the best-in-class and highest-performing food service and professional laundry solutions available, designed to ensure high productivity, energy savings, unparalleled hygiene and superior results.

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