Electrolux Professional provides solutions for Holland Shipyards

Electrolux Professional up for any size challenge!

Holland Shipyards BV is a young shipbuilding company uniquely located on the Merwede River. Covering an area of more than 6 acres, the shipyard offers a great deal of potential in the form of a shipbuilding shop with a work surface area of more than 17,000 sq ft., a slipway that can be used for the construction of vessels of up to 328′ in length, and an 804′ mooring quay.

In the marine industry, Holland Shipyards has a reputation of delivering fast solutions to clients and delivering a high level of quality. The company chose Electrolux Professional equipment because it provides robust performance and a heavy-duty construction that can withstand the most demanding environments.

Since Holland Shipyards has the capability to handle a wide variety of challenging projects worldwide, it needed a supplier with a strong global presence and service support. Electrolux Professional fit the bill exactly. Electrolux offers an extensive network of skilled, authorized partners for installation, service, and maintenance.

Electrolux Professional‘s high-performance products and innovation provided the perfect solution for Holland Shipyards BV.


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