Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment Helps To Create Inclusive Work Environments

In the town of Hazebrouck in Northern France, one company has made inclusivity and employee well being central to its mission. Around 60 members of staff at the Pont des Meuniers commercial laundry have a disability, and creating an environment to help its employees thrive was paramount from day one.

“Our vision was to develop a laundry business specially adapted to people with disabilities,” says Christophe Maes, Director at Ateliers du Pont des Meuniers.

Electrolux Equipment Designed For Inclusivity

“The key,” says Christophe, “has been investing in commercial laundry equipment which has been fine-tuned with relatively small enhancements to make every process as simple as it can possibly be.”

Electrolux on-premises washers and dryers were installed at a slight incline to make them easier to unload, soundproof doors ensure a quiet and calm environment that helps employees thrive, and alerts let workers know when it’s time to top up detergents.

Another reason Christophe chose Electrolux is because of its dedication to long term customer support — ensuring customers have access to replacement parts no matter how old their equipment is. “I know that in 10, 15, or even 20 years’ time, Electrolux will still be on hand to offer us the same level of support.”

Laundrylux is proud to be the North American distributor of Electrolux Professional laundry equipment. We value the Electrolux brand not only for the quality of its products but also because Electrolux is a truly modern, forward-thinking company with inclusivity at its heart.

To learn more about how Pont des Meuniers commercial laundry creates an inclusive work environment, read the original article written by Electrolux Professional.


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