Electrolux commercial dryers give you the competitive edge

Electrolux commercial dryers are designed to save energy, time, and increase your profits. 

Check out our video below to learn how Electrolux commercial dryers use less gas, dry faster, produce better results, less wear and tear on garments – and create customers for life.

Electrolux Professional Laundry’s coin-operated dryers use up to 40% less gas and dry faster than competing brands. Pair Electrolux commercial dryers with Electrolux high-speed commercial washing machines, and you create an even stronger competitive edge: increased load capacities, faster drying, less wear and tear on garments, lower energy consumption, and huge time savings.

Your customers will love the fast drying and user-friendly controls. You’ll appreciate the “green” engineering, cost savings, easy operation, and years of low maintenance.

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Here are just a few of the special features:

  • Compass Pro microprocessor – innovative, flexible, and easy to use. One knob does it all: program selection, diagnostics, and custom programming. 55 standard programs and 15 custom programs and cycle names. 20+ languages.
  • Improved lint screen – best in the industry
  • Real-time clock for time of day and promotional pricing
  • 1-phase reversing – standard
  • Save 25%+ in gas due to axial airflow, tight construction, and reversing cylinders – standard
  • Save up to an additional 15% of energy consumption with EcoPower. Less wear-and-tear on garments and prevents over-drying

In addition, when you open an Electrolux equipped laundromat business, Laundrylux Creative Services provides valuable marketing support – at no charge to you! We offer full store design, marketing, signage, website design, and more!

To learn more, please contact:
John Olsen, VP Coin Laundry
(800) 862-1752 • jolsen@laundrylux.com