Crowne Plaza wins crown with Electrolux Laundry Equipment

The Crowne Plaza Gurgaon is a premier property, and one of the most successful and long-standing laundry installations for Electrolux professional laundry. At the helm is Dr. Jayant Baxi, a true pioneer and big fan of Electrolux Professional laundry equipment. He started the laundry facility – and it has become one of the highest-rated among the IHG hotels in SWA region.

The hotel guest laundry has been equipped with world-class Electrolux commercial laundry equipment including washers (W3600X and W3250N), dryers (T31200), and Electrolux professional finishing equipment — form finisher & flatwork ironer.

Professionally qualified in Hospitality Management with in-depth knowledge and practical experience of Housekeeping operations, Dr. Baxi shares his experience with Electrolux in the emerging commercial laundry segment in India:

Laundry care is a very important part of any hotel operation. I had a chance to visit both the manufacturing units of Electrolux in France and Sweden, where I witnessed one of the best manufacturing setups with the latest technology such as Lagoon, waterless laundry equipment, etc. In my opinion, Electrolux equipment is the best amongst all other brands of laundry equipment.”

The Laundry is very well equipped to handle guest and hotel linen. In the hotel’s peak business season, the Electrolux washers can handle more than 4,000 lbs. of laundry per day. This includes linen from the rooms, spa, swimming pool, F&B (including Banquets) and staff uniforms.

Saj Kumar, Service Head, Electrolux Professional India comments, “With our Electrolux equipment, the Laundry Manager can be assured of running a successful laundry operation. While Electrolux machines guarantee the best washing, drying and finishing quality results, as well as greater productivity, Dr. Baxi has also very successfully trained the staff in the knowledge of water, textile care, utility conservation, hygiene, and spotting techniques. It is a pleasure to see that all Electrolux machines are being operated by well-trained hotel staff, and the health of the equipment is being maintained diligently.

Mr. Ranjeet Bhardwaj, Director of Engineering, has been involved with the Electrolux Team during the commissioning of the Hotel Kitchen and Laundry equipment. He shares his opinion about Electrolux based on his interactions with Electrolux Service,

Let me share the facts that the Electrolux has one of the best equipment amongst all Global Brands, from the smooth operation and energy conservation point of view. Kitchen and Laundry are the second and third respectively largest energy-consuming areas followed by HVAC system in any hotel. The commissioning of Electrolux equipment at Crowne Plaza Gurgaon was done by professionals and is up to satisfaction, resulting in almost zero break-down, and they are energy-efficient, and water-efficient as well.

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