5 Things to Look for When Renting Commercial Washers and Dryers

On-premise commercial laundry operations should provide the best experience for users while balancing business needs. Controlling costs is always a critical component of managing laundry operations; but customers and staff are looking for a seamless experience – one that includes high-quality, well-maintained commercial washers and dryers.

Ensuring that your commercial laundry equipment is up-to-date and in good condition is a major factor in creating a seamless on-premise laundry system. However, purchasing high-quality, true commercial laundry equipment can result in a significant upfront investment.

For this reason, and others, many facilities and property managers look for purchasing alternatives, including renting commercial washers and dryers.

Renting Commercial Washers and Dryers

Not only does renting commercial washers and dryers save businesses the initial capital expense of purchasing laundry equipment, it can also improve cash flow, provide a tax advantage, and remove the commitment of sticking with outmoded, depreciating equipment

Renting commercial washers and dryers offers a variety of benefits, but it is important to establish all the details of the agreement up front. Things to look for when renting commercial washers and dryers include:

1. Costs

Obviously, one of the first terms that define a rental agreement is the monthly cost of the equipment. Ensuring that recurring costs are within your budget is critical; however, make sure you account for the fact that the rental cost may be offset by savings in other areas.

Better laundry equipment often leads to lower utility costs; renting may offer a tax advantage over purchase; and service and maintenance of equipment may be included in the monthly fee.

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2. Service / Maintenance

Service calls can be expensive, particularly in an emergency or outside of normal business hours. Ensure that service charges are either included in the monthly fee, or are offered at a discounted rate. Regularly scheduled maintenance should be included in the monthly fee as well, as the equipment remains the property of the owner rather than the renter.

3. Terms and Conditions

The term of the rental agreement will vary from one provider to the next. Be certain that the terms allow you to change equipment out on a regular basis, so that you always have updated equipment. Moreover, if the machines are coin-operated, you must clarify who has control of the proceeds, as some agreements specify a split on coin box earnings.

4. True Commercial Laundry Equipment

Getting the best-quality equipment is critical to the success of a commercial laundry. High-quality equipment enhances customer satisfaction, reduces cycle time, and saves utility costs by improving efficiency.

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5. Advanced Features

Modern commercial laundry equipment may include access to advanced features. Incorporating technological advancements to improve the experience for customers and for owner/operators can add additional value in the renting process.

For example, non-coin payment alternatives may be available: some systems support card payments, while LaundryPay customers can pay by a mobile app. Laundry management applications like LaundryPulse enable remote monitoring of machine health, wash cycles, utility usage and more, helping users best optimize their on-premise laundry systems.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment Rental Programs

Commercial laundry needs will vary from one operation to the next – but there are some considerations that are universal. Renting equipment from a reputable provider of top-quality machines ensures the long-term success of your business, helping you keep costs low while improving satisfaction.

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