Wascomat Wet Cleaning

Introducing the Wascomat Wet Cleaning System

Wascomat Wet Cleaning is environmentally-friendlyWith the Wascomat Wet Cleaning system, you can easily clean garments that until now were considered dry clean only. Wascomat wet cleaning washing machines and dryers comply with OSHA, EPA, and other environmental regulations while producing outstanding results. Gone are the solvents, toxic fumes, and waste treatment problems associated with the dry cleaning process. Wascomat Wet Cleaning systems eliminate filter, still, button trap and water separator maintenance and record keeping. You’ll get superior results while saving valuable time and money.

Wascomat Wet Cleaning is environmentally-friendly and gives users precise control. Wet cleaning is a smart addition to conventional dry cleaning.

Wascomat Wet Cleaning can handle specialty work in-house!

No need to sub-contract specialty work. Clean most garments in-house including wedding gowns, delicate hand-wash items, leather and suede, as well as shirt laundering.

With the push of a button, the Wascomat Wet cleaning washer is able to handle traditional laundry such as shirts, comforters, drapes, and “wash-dry-fold” laundry. Our dual-use systems give you the best of both worlds.

Did you know Wascomat Wet Cleaning system is easy to install anywhere?

Shock absorbing suspension system allows for easy installation on wood floors, upper floors, and over basements.

Wascomat Wet Cleaning equipment features Residual Moisture Control (RMC)

RMC prevents damage to garments caused by over-drying and reduces lint and wrinkles by automatically stopping the dryer when the exact pre-set moisture level is reached.

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