Independent Fulfillment Provider

Become an Independent Fulfillment Provider for Laundrylux!

Laundrylux is accepting applications from service organizations to become factory authorized installation and service providers for Electrolux and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment.

By completing the Independent Fulfillment Provider application form, you agree to be contacted by Laundrylux to discuss the technical capabilities of your service organization. Laundrylux will approve applications from organizations deemed to meet certain qualifications required to complete this work. Laundrylux will train approved IFPs and provide work opportunities to them when available. IFP’s will provide these services as independent entities, and will bear the sole responsibility for the quality of the work they perform. Laundrylux can, at its own discretion, accept or deny any application based on our current business needs.

Independent Fulfillment Provider Application Form

Business Type

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We will require proof of your liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and State/municipality licensing to perform electrical and plumbing work. (We understand that different states have different types/levels of licensing, and each will be reviewed as necessary.)
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Nature of work your business normally performs
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