Laundromat Business Location

Do you have a laundromat location or looking for one?

The following laundromat business location criteria provides a great starting point. It’s a general guideline. Please contact us to discuss your plans for opening your laundromat business – and ask about special laundromat financing.

Laundrylux has more than 60 years of experience in helping business owners and entrepreneurs successfully get into the laundromat business. We work with our distributors and customers on exactly how to open a laundromat, step by step. We provide a turn-key solution including assistance with location selection, demographics, store design and signage, construction, proper laundromat equipment selection, and laundromat financing.Laundromat Business Location for Lucas Laundry

  • Free standing building or a lot to build adjacent to a strong shopping area, the most desirable. Such sites are often built close to the street and feature parking on all sides.
  • Strip centers anchored by a supermarket, drug store, convenience store, or family discount store. Other desirable tenants are check-cashing, dollar stores, dry cleaners, auto parts, and similar businesses. Weekly destination shopping nearby is desirable.
  • Centers should be located in a populated area with lower to middle income customer base. Annual income range below $50,000. Below $75,000 in major metropolitan areas with mixed ethnicity.
  • Minimum of 12,000 people in one square mile of which at least 30% are renters. The minimum population and trade area will depend on driving patterns and whether the location is inner city or in the suburbs. Trailer parks in the area are also desirable.
  • Minimum size 1,500 square feet up to 6,000 square feet with glass exposure. Exceptional larger sites also desired.
  • The site should be on a major street with other retail stores, speed limit 40 mph or less with easy ingress/egress from either direction.
  • Plenty of parking, especially on weekends, is critical.
  • Maximum front glass exposure and prominent signage visible from the street.
  • Minimum 10-year lease with two 5-year options.

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Do you have a location you feel would be a good fit for a laundromat business? Please give us a call to discuss. We look forward to working with you!