PLUS – Professional Laundry Utility Service

With PLUS laundry you get brand new Electrolux professional or Wascomat commercial laundry equipment with no capital investment!

plusLogo_orangePLUS (Professional Laundry Utility Service) means your business never needs to purchase commercial washers and dryers again! PLUS is a revolutionary innovation designed to help you get brand new professional laundry equipment with no upfront capital. We deliver and install your new Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment for FREE.

  • Zero capital investment
  • Lifetime replacement parts and service
  • FREE shipping and installation

How does the PLUS system work?

Use the Electrolux commercial laundry equipment as needed and simply pay a low monthly fee. Everything else is included! Imagine, no expensive linen rental or commercial laundry contract – and no warranty worries because parts and service are included for life.

Who is the PLUS system for?

ELXspalaundry_SD_CompassContAre you struggling with laundry problems and expenses? Are you tired of downtime and service calls? Do you need to replace old, worn-out washers and dryers, but have no budget for it?

PLUS is the perfect laundry solution for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospices, Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Gyms, Dry cleaners, and more. Simply put, if you have an old laundry room that needs new equipment now: PLUS is the perfect solution for you.

Not only that, but if you are a hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare facilities, PLUS is reimbursable by Medicare according to CMS cost reporting forms.

Read what customers are saying about PLUS!

“We have one large plant that does all the work for our 10 satellite stores and our 6 pick-up and delivery commercial accounts. Our business is growing, so I had ordered a Wascomat Wet Cleaning machine instead of purchasing another dry cleaning machine, which is very expensive. By putting in a wet cleaning machine I was able to increase my production for a quarter of the price. Since about 85% of all stains coming into a dry cleaning shop are water-based, the wet cleaning model worked out perfectly and was a cost-effective solution. Then my distributor, who I have known for a dozen years, told me about PLUS by Pluslux. With this new program, I was able to acquire 2 more Electrolux Professional high-speed soft-mount washers at no cost up front, not even for the installation and delivery! It’s a pay as you go system – I only pay for what I actually use. I now have 3 high-speed washers and they are cranking out the work. On top of this, the PLUS washers spin faster than standard washers and have two special features – AWS and Smart Dosing – which save on chemicals and water. I could not be happier.”

For more information on PLUS, download our brochures and spec sheets through the links below:

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