Crossover Laundry Equipment for Veterinarians

Introducing Crossover Laundry Equipment for Veterinarians

Crossover Laundry Equipment for VeterinariansCrossover Laundry Equipment is affordable and built tough. Crossover washing machines and dryers are designed for long-life and they to handle the demands of your veterinarian clinic, but – best of all – the machines are priced for smaller applications.

With Crossover Laundry Equipment, your veterinarian clinic can benefit from the best of both worlds!  Our advantages include:

Crossover stack washer-dryer for Veterinarians

  • 60% less water usage than a top load washer
  • 15 minutes less drying time per load
  • Up to 25% lower utility costs in the dryer
  • Dependable, rugged operation

We understand that cleaning up hair, blankets, and towels is a messy job! In the past, veterinarians and groomers only had two options: the professional-grade laundry equipment that lasts for decades or cheap home appliance-type washers that can’t hold up to the rigors of a clinic. But now with Crossover Laundry Equipment’s revolutionary design you don’t have to compromise!

For more information on Crossover On-Premises Laundry Equipment, download our brochures and spec sheets through the links below:

Crossover Laundry Equipment for Veterinarians' on-premises laundry
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Let us help you save money while improving your laundry operations. So you can get back to what’s most important – taking care of our furry friends!