A Laundromat Owner’s Guide to Increasing Profit

The laundry industry is, in some ways, the ideal small business opportunity. New owners expect an ROI of 20-35 percent in the first year. However, operating a laundromat is neither easy nor intuitive.

Ensure a foundation is built for long-term laundromat success. Building a store that offers additional amenities beyond basic laundry services can improve the customer experience and increase profit. Complete the form to download the guide to start growing your laundromat business today.

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Go in-depth with three key strategies to increase laundromat profits:
  1. Differentiate your business from the competition
  2. Create new revenue opportunities
  3. Upgrade your equipment

Invest in laundry technology with a strategic partner.

Purchasing new laundromat equipment every few years can increase business expenses, making it difficult to increase profits. A strategic partner like Laundrylux can help facilitate new equipment purchases, provide marketing and financing support, and more to ensure your laundromat business thrives.

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