Electrolux Washing Machines

A Global Leader in Commercial Laundry Equipment

Laundrylux is North America’s exclusive supplier of Electrolux commercial laundry equipment for laundromats and on-premises laundries. Electrolux Professional is a leader in laundry innovation and design, developing the world’s most sustainable and technologically advanced commercial laundry equipment.

By relying on laundry system expertise from seasoned industry experts like Laundrylux, businesses can make educated investments that save time, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

With Electrolux washing machines, laundromat business owners and on-premises facilities managers can provide high-performance, eco-friendly washing experiences for maximum efficiency and cost-savings.

Why Electrolux Washing Machines?

  • Leading innovation in engineering and design increases efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Electrolux’s commitment to sustainability delivers increased cost savings and profitability.
  • Leverage the world’s most extensive service network with 24/7 global support.
  • LaundryPulse and LaundryPay compatible machines enable mobile management for store owners and alternative payment methods for customers.

Whether you are an investor getting started with building a laundromat business or an operations manager looking to optimize your laundry systems, Laundrylux can help.
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The Technology Behind Electrolux Washing Machines
Auto Savings (AS)
Lower Water Consumption by Up To 50%
High Spin 450 G-Force Extraction
Faster Drying Times and Lower Gas Consumption
SuperBalance/Power Balance
Adjust Distribution and Extraction Speeds
Smart Dosing
Adjust The Ratio of Laundry Chemicals to Water For Lower Costs
Compass Pro
Custom Laundry Program Selection and Diagnostics
Clarus Control
Combine Timing, Optimal Water Levels, and Temperature Programming

Electrolux Washing Machines For Laundromat Owners

Electrolux washing machines leverage cutting-edge technology to achieve high-performance results. With Automatic Savings, precise amounts of water are dispensed per load weight and High-Spin 450 G-Force Extraction removes more water from laundry loads, leading to faster drying times.
What does this mean for laundromat owners? Laundromat customers can finish their laundry faster, leading to increased capacity for additional customers and greater satisfaction which could mean a competitive advantage over neighboring coin laundries. In addition, owners are gaining major utility savings over time and reducing their environmental impact.

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Laundrylux Funding Services

Want to start a laundromat, but don’t have the funds to get started? Laundrylux Funding Services (LFS) is a unique in-house financing program that helps laundromat owners and investors secure financing on flexible terms without the constraints found through other providers. Benefits include:

  • Lower interest rates
  • 24-hour approvals
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Terms up to 10 years
  • Support from industry experts

Since 1955, over 20,000 self-service, institutional, and on-premises laundries have used Laundrylux Funding Services to jumpstart their business or finance new laundry equipment. Secure funding for top-of-the-line Electrolux washing machines, dryers, and other ancillary equipment with Laundrylux by completing a simple financing application.


Electrolux Washing Machines For On-Premises Laundries

Hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, resorts, and firehouses are a few examples of industries in need of on-premises commercial laundry equipment. Cleanliness and sanitation are essential for these major industries and Electrolux Washing Machines are a proven solution for delivering the best in innovation and performance.

“My laundry equipment accurately and efficiently adds up to great savings in dollars and very importantly, for a low impact on the environment. Savings are reflected in lower gas, electric, water, and sewer costs and help reinforce the Energy Star rating for my property.”

– Raakesh Pate, Hotelier

Getting Started with LESS

  • Access the newest professional laundry technologies with no upfront costs
  • Save time and avoid credit check hurdles with 24-hour approval processes
  • Free installation with expert servicing and repairs
  • Avoid sinking funds into depreciating machinery, and reduce operating expenses with flexible rental plans and water- and energy-efficient machines

Not Sure if Electrolux Is Right For You?

Speak with our commercial laundry experts who have decades of experience in building and maintaining successful laundromats and on-premises laundries. Our team can help you distinguish between equipment from leading brands like Electrolux, Wascomat, and Encore to help you build the optimal laundry system for your business.

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