Wet Cleaning is the Eco-Friendly Alternative for Dry-Clean-Only Items

At this time of year, people all across the country are taking out their dry-clean-only items in preparation for office parties, Christmas decorating, and new year’s celebrations. And when the festive season is over, a trip to the local dry cleaners may be the first item on their January to-do list. With more and more consumers looking for eco-friendly solutions in their daily lives, many laundry business customers might be happy to learn that there is a great alternative method for laundering their delicate items: Wet Cleaning.

When laundry operations use Wascomat Wet Cleaning Equipment they can provide their clients with top quality results without the harmful effects on the environment from traditional dry-cleaning chemicals.

Dry Cleaning Has Its Downside

The dry-cleaning process is extremely effective at removing tough stains while protecting delicate clothing from shrinking and other problems that might occur when washed in a regular washer and dryer. Unfortunately, the traditional dry cleaning process uses chemicals that can be toxic to the environment, bad for the long life of fabrics, and even harmful to dry cleaning staff.

Wet Cleaning Is the Eco-Friendly Alternative

With no need for solvents or other toxic chemicals, wet cleaning is a much friendlier and safer way to launder “dry-clean-only” garments. Traditional dry-clean-only fabrics like delicate wool, silk, and viscose can be safely washed using the wet clean process.

Customers Are Seeking Eco-Friendly Products and Services

Every year, more and more consumers are seeking eco-friendly alternatives to traditional products and services. Whether in the form of electric vehicles, alternative household cleaning products, or local, organic food, people increasingly want products and services that are kinder to the environment and better for their health.

With Wascomat Wet Cleaning Equipment, laundry businesses can provide an environmentally responsible way for customers to launder their dry-clean-only garments. By eliminating harmful chemicals from the dry cleaning process these businesses can appeal to the next generation of green consumers and watch their customer base grow.

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