Upgrade Your Business with Encore Pro: The Reliable and Low-Cost Laundry Solution for Multi-Housing, Small Businesses, and Laundromats

Encore Pro is Laundrylux’s semi-professional laundry solution created especially for business owners who want the reliability of commercial-grade equipment without the high price tag. With 3 times more reliability than residential appliances, these washers and dryers exceed the demands of multi-housing laundry rooms and smaller on-premises laundries, while making an excellent low-cost addition to any laundromat. You can contact us to learn more about the real choice and flexibility this equipment can offer your business – but in the meantime, let’s look at some of the features of Encore Pro designed to work hard for your business.

A photo of an Encore Pro front load washer. It is on a blue backdrop. The text reads "1: front load washer"

Front load washer

Encore Pro’s 22 lb front load washer is the most powerful semi-professional washer in the industry. Energy Star Ⓡ certified and factory-tested for high performance at 15,000+ cycles, it offers real durability and long-term cost savings.

  • 300 G-force extraction for lower utility bills and faster laundry times.
  • Soft-mount design for easy installation on any floor type.
  • Engineered with pro-grade components for longer equipment life and fewer maintenance costs.
A photo of an Encore Pro top load washer. It is on a blue backdrop. The text reads "2: top load washer"

Top load washer

The industry’s first and only top loader engineered for a professional environment, Encore Pro gives more choice to business owners who prefer the convenience of a top load design. Field-tested for 24 months in the most demanding laundry environments, this washer is designed to outlast all home-style appliances masquerading as commercial-grade.

  • Large-capacity 18 lb tub.
  • Non-locking lid, so items can be added or removed mid-cycle.
  • Pro-Grade Outer Tub tested for trouble-free performance at 10,000+ cycles.
A photo of an Encore Pro front load dryer. It is on a blue backdrop. The text reads "3: front load dryer"

Front load dryer

Encore Pro’s front load dryer comes in both single and stacked units to maximize your laundry space. Designed with commercial-grade components and a large 22 lb capacity drum, these dryers can easily handle multiple oversized loads per day.

  • Axial airflow for faster drying and lower utility bills.
  • Extra large door for easy loading and unloading.
  • Easy to clean, heavy-duty lint screen.
A photo of an Encore Pro top load washer with its door open. It is on a blue backdrop. The text reads "4: who is Encore Pro for?"

Who is Encore Pro for?

  • Multi-housing laundry rooms
  • Small businesses
  • Laundromats

Multi-housing laundry rooms

Encore Pro is the first semi-professional laundry equipment engineered to meet the demands of the multi-housing market. Maximize profitability, gain more tenant loyalty, and reduce maintenance call-outs with commercial-grade washers and dryers designed especially for multi-housing laundry rooms. Encore Pro is compatible with coin and card payments for ultimate convenience.

  • Boost laundry room revenue with Heavy Soil and Extra Rinse upgrade buttons.
  • Increase tenant satisfaction with user-friendly controls and easy payment options.
  • Save money on utility costs with Energy Star Ⓡ certified efficiency.
  • Wave goodbye to maintenance headaches with industrial-grade durability and easy serviceability.

Small businesses

Encore Pro is perfect for businesses that process medium amounts of daily or weekly laundry like salons, gyms, restaurants, retirement communities, animal hospitals, and more. The small footprint and soft-mount design of these washers and dryers make them an ideal space-saving solution – with no concrete base needed, they can even be installed inside a closet! Encore Pro is also perfect for guest laundry facilities in hotels, motels, or short-term rental properties.

  • Maximize your business’s footprint with our range of top load, front load, and stacked units measuring just 27” wide.
  • Easily process large loads of towels, robes, and sheets more quickly with our large 22 lb capacity.
  • Energy Star Ⓡ certification and 300 G-force extraction on all front-load washers offer true utility savings and help profits to grow.


If you’re looking for a low-budget equipment upgrade, a way to fit more machines into the smaller corners of your store, or simply want to offer customers a top load washer option, then look no further! Encore Pro is a versatile addition for laundromat owners who want more choice and flexibility.

  • Heavy Soil and Extra rinse cycle upgrades for more revenue and better customer satisfaction.
  • Energy Star Ⓡ certification for lower utilities.
  • 300 G-force washer extraction and axial airflow in the dryer deliver faster laundry times.

Contact us today to upgrade your business with Encore Pro!