Starting Your Recession-Resistant Laundromat Business in 2023

With the economic uncertainty, you might wonder if 2023 is the right year to start a business. When households begin tightening the purse strings, certain industries like retail, hospitality, and travel can suffer. The laundromat industry, however, is a recession-resistant business that provides investors with a very stable income whether the economy is in a boom or bust. So, if you’re looking to start a business that can survive and even thrive during an economic downturn, look no further than a laundromat.

Why open a laundromat in 2023?

The laundromat industry is worth $5 billion in the US and provides an essential service to communities across America. During the pandemic, laundromats were one of the few businesses that remained open, proving that the industry is extremely resilient and will continue to provide store owners with dependable income in 2023 and beyond. Whether the economy is growing or in decline, people always need clean clothes. In fact, laundromats actually tend to prosper in a recession as the trend toward renting over homeownership increases, and people turn to laundromats to take care of their laundry needs.

The laundromat industry can also offer investors:

  • A high ROI of 20-35%
  • An additional source of income alongside another career
  • A high survival rate, with 95% of new laundromats still thriving after the first five years
  • Low labor and operating costs with little to no inventory

Finding a partner you can trust

Laundrylux has over six decades of experience supporting new laundromat owners on their journey to success. We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve the American dream and have guided countless business owners on their path to becoming laundry millionaires. We believe in the laundry industry and even pushed the US government to recognize laundromats as essential businesses in 2020. With our range of profitable commercial laundry equipment, expert services, and turnkey solutions, we’ll help you climb to the top in 2023.

1. Utility-Saving Equipment

With rising energy costs, it’s essential to choose professional laundry equipment that will help you build long-term success. The biggest drain on your income will be your utility bills – that’s why our range of commercial washers and dryers come packed with advanced utility-saving technology that automatically lowers your monthly running costs and maximizes ROI.

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Discover how Electrolux Professional, Wascomat, and Encore Pro can benefit your business.

2. Fast Financing with Low Monthly Repayments

Keeping monthly costs down is a priority for running a successful laundry business. Our in-house financing services are designed especially for laundromat owners to guarantee your success and enable you to grow. With less red tape than traditional financing options, we deliver faster approvals so you can reach your dreams more quickly.

Our expert financing team offers:

  • Longer terms and competitive rates
  • Flexible repayment plans tailored to your needs
  • Express approvals to help you achieve your goals faster

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3. Complimentary Laundromat Marketing

Great branding and store design are vital to helping your new laundromat attract more customers and stand out in a competitive industry. Luckily, you don’t need to spend big on hiring a team of marketers and designers – Laundrylux offers complimentary in-house services to take care of all your marketing needs. When you partner with us, you’ll receive a custom website, logo design, and in-store signage to get you started on building your laundromat’s brand.

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Already own a laundromat? Here’s why retooling your store is a smart investment during economic uncertainty!

If you already run a laundromat, you know that economic uncertainty could result in even more traffic to your store. Now is the time to ensure that your business is running at peak performance. Here’s why updating your laundromat with Laundrylux could deliver your most profitable year — ever.

1. Retool your store with energy-efficient equipment

By far, the best way to save on running costs and boost profitability is to upgrade your laundromat with energy-efficient, high-spin washers and reversing dryers. Our range of commercial laundry equipment can help target your utility bills and enable your profits to grow.

  • Cut water bills by 50%
  • Save 40% off your gas and electricity costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster laundry times and custom programming

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2. Increase throughput & serve more customers

Retooling your store with Wascomat or Electrolux Professional equipment can help boost your profits and increase customer satisfaction. The faster throughput of high-spin washers enables you to serve more customers during peak hours, maximizing your revenue. With people’s time becoming increasingly limited during a recession, your faster laundry times will also help capture more loyal customers by making their lives easier.

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3. Gain more customers with expert laundromat marketing

To gain and retain more customers, you must stay on top of the competition in 2023. Our experienced laundromat marketing team can help you strategize and win more customers — even during an economic downturn. And the best part is our marketing services are complimentary for all our partners, so you don’t need to splash out on growing your brand!

  • Attract more customers online with a personalized website
  • Create strategic in-store promotions and maximize them with local and online advertising
  • Stand out from the crowd with next-level branding and in-store experience

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4. Grow your business with fast, easy financing

Don’t let an up-front investment stop you from becoming more profitable in 2023. This could be the year you reach your goals of retooling your store or even opening up in a new location. It’s now easier than ever to finance your business with our 24-hour approvals and low rates that help you achieve your dreams faster. Get pre-approved today — you might be surprised at how much you could qualify for!