Modernizing Hospital Laundry Systems for Operational Efficiency

Hospitals must balance a number of competing priorities, but chief among them must be cleanliness. This especially applies to the sanitization of linens used by patients. Efficient laundry systems within a hospital play a significant role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria, and other pathogens. Effective laundering of linens also plays an important part in patient care by providing a clean, comfortable, and sanitary environment.

However, managing an on-premise hospital laundry facility can present a number of challenges, which may include:

  • Health & Safety: Hospital laundry systems are subject to a number of rules and regulations, including federal OSHA guidelines pertaining to contamination, lifting and ergonomics, noise and heat levels, and fire or fall hazards.
  • High Costs: While some studies have shown that hospitals can save 30-60% with an on-premise laundry, as compared to outsourcing laundry services, outdated hospital laundry systems can be expensive to manage and maintain.
  • Inefficient Processes: It is critical to ensure that linens are clean and available when needed, but creating an efficient process can take time to hone.
  • Under-staffing: Having the correct number of trained employees on site to complete necessary tasks and meet fluctuating demands is essential to maintaining efficient hospital laundry systems.

It is up to the hospital to take all of these factors into consideration in the design and management of an efficient hospital laundry system. Modernizing commercial laundry equipment can help a hospital meet these challenges and requirements, as well as provide additional benefits such as savings on utilities, increased productivity, and improved safety and employee welfare.

Improve Hospital Laundry Systems with These Features

1. Sanitizing Rinse

Professional on-premise washers from Laundrylux come equipped with a sanitizing rinse feature. Your staff has the option to sanitize the washer drum between each cycle, preventing any potential cross-contamination between loads.

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2. High Spin 450G

Experience faster drying time and lower gas consumption with 450 G-force extraction that takes place in the washer. Complete with soft-mount technology for easy installation, hospital laundry facilities benefit from faster throughput which translates to more clean linens and lower gas bills.

3. Automatic Water Savings and Smart Dosing

Save as much as 50% on water with Automatic Water Savings (AWS) technology. This feature automatically calculates the actual weight of the load, then adds precisely the right amount of water for best results. Smart Dosing automatically calculates the correct amount of detergent, providing you with tangible results in efficiency, costs, and cleanliness.

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4. Adjustable Parameters and Increased Usability

Laundrylux’s revolutionary Compass Pro microprocessor features a large display and a robust knob for easy program selection. Offering 20+ languages, your staff can easily adjust parameters such as water levels, temperatures, and drum action to lower costs and meet the demands of your facility.

Professional Hospital Laundry System Modernization

Upgrading your hospital laundry facility with new equipment provides your organization with many benefits, including enhanced operational efficiency, lowered costs, improved patient and employee health and welfare, and increased overall satisfaction.

Family-owned and operated for more than 60 years, Laundrylux has the knowledge and experience to help transform your laundry facilities and offer you an edge in your business.

For more information on modernizing hospital laundry operations, contact Laundrylux today.