Meet Encore by Laundrylux — The Future of Laundry is Here!

Encore by Laundrylux has arrived, and it’s ready to change the way you think about commercial laundry. Encore washers and dryers are built with commercial-grade components but in a size and at a price much closer to residential machines.

Now, small business owners have the power to take laundry into their own hands; laundromat owners can replace top-loader models, and property owners can stock their laundry rooms with reliable equipment that will keep performing year after year.

Why Choose Encore By Laundrylux

1. Encore is Built to Last

Encore washers are built to last 15,000+ cycles — that’s 3 times longer than residential appliances and top-loader models.

2. Encore’s Powerful Features

  • Long Life — Heavy duty SKF bearings and solid steel counterweights allow Encore washers to live up to the reliable Wascomat name.
  • Large Capacity — The extra-large drum gives Encore washers an impressive 22 lb. capacity.
  • Water Savings — Save up to 60% on water compared to top-loader machines.
  • High-Speed Spin — High-speed water extraction cuts drying time, protecting fabrics and saving energy.
  • Flexibility — Adjustable water levels and custom programs allow for optimal efficiency, and time-of-day pricing helps laundromat owners increase their profits.
  • Easy Install — Soft-mount design means no concrete base or bolts are required.
  • Quick Repairs — Advanced diagnostics and front-access make for simple maintenance and repairs.

3. Encore Is Great For Laundromats

Whether you want to replace top-loaders, compliment larger washers and dryers, or lower the start-up costs of a new store, Encore is a great choice for your laundromat. Encore’s custom programs and time-of-day pricing will help you increase your store’s profits while providing quality results to your customers.

4. Encore Small Businesses

Compared to using an outside service, on-premises laundry saves your business money, optimizes turnaround time, and helps you improve the quality of your wash results. Now business owners no longer have to choose between unreliable residential appliances and commercial models that may be more than they really require. Encore’s commercial-grade components and affordable price tag give salons, gyms, spas, veterinary clinics, and many more businesses the power to take laundry into their own hands.

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5. Encore For Hotel Guest Laundry and Multi-Housing Properties

Encore is perfect for hotel guest laundry and multi-housing laundry rooms. With Encore, you can give your guests and residents access to quality washers and dryers without worrying about regular repairs and equipment breakdown. Encore’s commercial components outlast appliance and toploader machines, translating into long-term savings for your business.

Want to learn more about Encore by Wascomat? Contact Laundrylux for more details on Encore commercial laundry equipment for your business.


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