Laundromat Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business Online

The marketing experts at Laundrylux have compiled a list of tips to help you market your laundromat business online. Pairing online and offline efforts will make for the best marketing strategy and set your business up for long-term success. Now let’s dive in!

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Online Marketing Techniques for Laundromat Marketing

1. Engage On Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great platforms on which to build an audience and inform customers of upcoming promotions and events. While it is free to set up an account with these platforms, you will need to set aside time for regular engagement if you want to be effective. Aim to post at least once a week on each platform, and try to monitor your pages daily so you can respond to your customers’ feedback.

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2. Paid Advertising on Social Media

If you are ready to invest in paid advertising for your business, social media platforms (like Facebook) are a great place to start. Advertising on social media can be extremely cost-effective compared to traditional media like newspapers and radio because you can target your message to specific groups and locations, resulting in a better return on your investment than with traditional methods.

Want more? Be sure to check out Facebook’s Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started.

3. Get Your Business on Online Maps

Google Maps and Apple Maps make it easy for users to find services in their location. A user can simply search for a “laundromat near me” and a list of businesses will appear ranked by distance. If you want your store to appear on these maps, you’ll need to register your business with Google and Apple.

Bonus! Customers have the opportunity to rate your business using these platforms, so great service will be rewarded with high ratings and more customers visiting your 5-star laundromat.

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4. Own A Website

If you are fully committed to marketing your store online, you should consider getting your own website. A website allows you to portray your business in the best possible light. It is a larger canvas than a Facebook or Instagram page and allows you to share more information about your store. Your own website, linked to your social media accounts will support your SEO efforts and help your business rank higher in Google searches.

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Laundromat Owners Guide To Increasing Profit

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