Introducing the Wascomat WQD 130 G-force Washer

Laundrylux is proud to announce the launch of the new Wascomat WQD 130 G-force Washer. Built with the same heavy-duty components and easy-to-use controls as Wascomat’s classic 100 G-force range, the Wascomat Quick Dry washer now offers higher extraction speeds to laundry operators who may previously have been limited by budget.

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Why choose the Wascomat WQD washer?

  • Increase revenue with Compass Pro’s 15 customizable wash programs that enable you to better serve your customers and charge premium prices for cycle upgrades.
  • Gain longer equipment life and lower maintenance costs with SuperBalance engineering.
  • Achieve better utility savings with the patented Flat Drain Valve, cutting “dead water” waste by 97%.
  • Reach your laundromat goals with access to Laundrylux’s full suite of business services, including expert financing, marketing, demographic research, and more.

Learn how a successful, multi-owner investment team in Texas retooled their San Antonio laundromat with Wascomat!

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What is high spin?

High spin refers to the speed achieved by the washer toward the end of the spin cycle — the higher the spin, the more water is extracted from the load, giving a headstart to the drying process.

What are the benefits of choosing a washer with a higher spin?

With the introduction of the new WQD washer, Wascomat now offers a range of equipment with different water extraction capabilities, from 130 G-force to 200, 300, and 350 G-force. With this new addition to the Wascomat family, laundry operators can now choose the washer extraction speed that fits their goals and budget requirements to help them achieve:

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“With the newest edition to the Wascomat washer family, laundry businesses can now experience a higher spin with a lower cost of ownership. Our goal is always to provide our customers with better solutions that help them stay ahead of the competition and grow their business long-term.”

— Andy Northup, Director of National Sales Development

Faster laundry times

The more water removed from the laundry at the end of the wash, the less time items need in the dryer. This results in an overall faster laundry experience, enabling you to serve more happy customers.

Lower running costs

Because laundry takes less time to dry, gas or electricity consumed by the dryer is reduced, resulting in lower energy bills. Combined with Wascomat’s Flat Drain Valve and SuperBalance engineering, you can keep overall operating costs to a minimum and allow your business to grow.

Greater customer satisfaction

A higher spin not only delivers faster laundry times but also extracts more dirt and soap residue from the load, offering better wash results. With Wascomat’s Compass Pro controls, you can create up to 15 custom wash programs to further meet your customers’ needs.

To achieve the best laundry results and more profitability for your business, make sure to pair your washers with Wascomat’s high-performance dryers!

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Grow your laundromat business with Wascomat Tough Plus

Tough Plus is Wascomat’s exclusive new program that offers laundry operators the lowest lifetime cost of ownership, enabling them to reduce their running costs, increase their profitability and achieve their laundromat goals. With over 65 years as America’s most trusted commercial laundry brand, Wascomat delivers unbeatable reliability that helps you grow long-term success in the industry.