How To Identify True Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Business

Whether you are purchasing commercial laundry equipment for a hotel, gym, healthcare facility, laundromat, or anywhere outside the home, choosing the best equipment will increase productivity, quality, efficiency, and long-term value for your business.

As a laundromat business owner or decision-maker, it’s essential to consider all tools that help your business increase profits. Commercial laundry equipment is an investment in your business, and it’s critical to choose the best washers and dryers that are durable, reliable, and built to last.

However, the term ‘commercial’ has no accepted industry standard for laundry equipment; so any machine can be marketed as commercial-grade regardless of their engineering, components, and longevity. Just because a washer has a coin box, or is sold as commercial laundry equipment, does not mean that it was created to withstand the rigors of laundromat and on-premises laundry (OPL) service.

When selecting the machines for your OPL service or laundromat, consider these factors to determine whether the equipment is suitable for a commercial environment.

Criteria For True Commercial Laundry Equipment

1. Engineered For Commercial Use

Most commercial laundry equipment starts from residential equipment that is modified and masquerades as commercial-grade. True commercial laundry equipment should be engineered from the ground up and be able to withstand the demands of high-volume, heavy-use environments.

For example, the Encore Pro series from Laundrylux was purposely designed for commercial use with the 8-point suspension to balance loads, eliminate over suds, and extend the life of the machine.

2. Best-Quality Components

A machine is only as good as its parts; commercial laundry equipment cannot be considered high-quality as a whole unless it is built with tough, durable, hard-wearing parts. Many machines that companies tout as commercial contain the components of a residential machine.

The Encore Pro series, however, is built with cast-iron bearings instead of flimsier aluminum bearings, and with long-wearing steel counterweights rather than cement counterweights standard in the industry. This helps eliminate service calls and extends the total life of the equipment.

3. Longevity

Equipment sold as commercial often presents longevity in terms of expected years of service. However, that computation is often based on a low average number of loads per year.

For example, a machine that is used once per day in a residential environment may be expected to last many years: but subjected to the high volume demands of commercial use the expected years of service will decrease dramatically. Instead, look for a machine that measures longevity in terms of cycles: how many cycles can you expect before you must replace the equipment?

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Encore Pro front-load washers has an expected lifespan of 15,000 cycles: three times more than the leading competitors. With Encore Pro, a smart business owner can lower the total cost of ownership dramatically with a lengthened lifespan and fewer service calls.

4. Fewer service calls

True commercial laundry equipment can withstand commercial demands without the need for frequent servicing and repairs. Direct and indirect costs of repairs and out-of-service equipment can directly affect your bottom line, making it even more important to ensure at the outset that the laundry equipment you choose is true commercial.

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5. Sustained Spin

The G-force rating is used to describe how fast a washer spins during its final spin cycle where the faster the spin, the better the water extraction. A higher G-force is better; however, a more critical factor in water extraction is how long the machine sustains the high-spin cycle. In a true water-efficient commercial washer, high G-force combined with a sustained spin cycle ensures maximum water extraction to save on time, money, and utilities.

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Choosing the Right Commercial Laundry Equipment

Being a successful facilities manager, procurement officer, or business owner requires making informed decisions, particularly when selecting the commercial laundry equipment for long-term essential services. Prioritizing value, reliability, and longevity will improve the cost of owning and operating commercial laundry equipment, and provide you with peace of mind.

Understanding the difference between equipment that is advertised as commercial, and that which is true commercial, is a critical factor in selecting the best machines for your business. A longer life designed with superior engineering built for commercial use with high-quality components, will allow you to provide excellent service while focusing on your core business and strategic objectives.

With Laundrylux as a strategic laundromat supplier, laundromat owners and investors gain access to a full suite of true commercial laundromat services and solutions. Leverage our industry expertise to maximize business profitability and make the most out of your investment.

Contact us to learn more about how Laundrylux can help you maximize the return on your laundromat investment with our many services and solutions.