Employee Spotlight: Latalia Jackson

Q. What do you do at Laundrylux?
I began in the Parts Department, doing order entry and many other things. I am currently an Account Manager, since October of last year, where I manage Laundrylux Distribution accounts. I make sure orders are entered and coordinate with other departments to make sure machines leave our warehouse smoothly.

Q. What do you love about working at Laundrylux and/or the laundry industry?
I love working with my team members in Customer Care! We can go through the ups and downs of trying to get things moving together. We are each other’s sounding board and give one another advice on how to get tasks completed.

Q. Who or what has been the strongest influence in your career?
As I made the move into account management, the strongest influence has been the people I work alongside daily, especially Junia Jeannot, who is a Sr Account Manager and has helped the newer members of the team immensely.

Q. What would you say to other women looking to get into the industry or your field?
There are women ahead who have made groundwork for females in the industry. Don’t be afraid to join, network, and make allies — especially with other women.

Q. What is one fun fact about you that most people do not know?
Most people do not know I lived in another country until I was 9.

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This Employee Spotlight is part of Laundrylux’s Women’s Initiative. Laundrylux is focused on building a better workplace for women, supporting each other, and being heard.