Employee Spotlight: Elissa Virasawmi

Q. What do you do at Laundrylux?

I am the Payroll & Benefits Manager for Laundrylux Distribution. My responsibilities include payroll & benefits administration, time & attendance, managing open enrollments, company audits, and other related projects.

Q. What do you love about working at Laundrylux?

One thing I admire about Laundrylux is how well employees are treated and recognized for their hard work. Whether it’s company events, a lucrative 401k plan, or great health insurance benefits — these are the things that make a difference and speak volumes. One of my favorite quotes: “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.”

Q. What is one of the proudest moments in your career and why?

In a previous company, I had to transition from one insurance carrier to another, and open enrollment followed immediately after. It was a tremendous project, and I was a one-person department. I submitted employee enrollment forms well before the deadline to ensure January 1st coverage. Unfortunately, an employee with a terminal illness did not receive an ID number. Upon further investigation, it turns out they weren’t enrolled in any plan!! I made it my duty to get an ID number issued in time for their upcoming treatment. I must’ve made 30+ calls between the broker and the insurance carrier that day (they probably did not like me after that). However, it was well worth it when the employee was able to receive their treatment without having to pay out of pocket. I even got a call from their family to thank me for my determination! It felt great to help someone when they needed it the most.

Q. What would you say to other women looking to get into the industry or your field?

I would strongly encourage women to join my field! I started my career in Human Resources which then led to Payroll & Benefits. It keeps my mind sharp and has improved my problem-solving skills. Also, working in this field has allowed me to work in different industries over the years.

Q. What is one fun fact about you that most people do not know?

I studied Culinary Arts/Restaurant Operations and wanted to become a professional chef. I also competed in a few baking competitions. Although my career choice changed over the years, I still enjoy cooking and baking for my family and friends. One day, I’d like to compete in Food Network’s Chopped (amateur edition, of course!).

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This Employee Spotlight is part of Laundrylux’s Women’s Initiative. Laundrylux is focused on building a better workplace for women, supporting each other, and being heard.