Want to start your own Laundry Cafe? 8 Things To Consider Before Opening A Hybrid Laundromat

How to Start a Laundromat Business: Part 10

Our How to Start a Laundromat Series is a collection of introductory blog posts for entrepreneurs interested in opening a laundromat. In this special post, we will look at some tips for entrepreneurs who want to open their own hybrid laundromat.

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8 Helpful Tips for Starting a Hybrid Laundromat

1. Understand the Laundromat Business

The first — and most important task — for future hybrid laundromat owners is to become familiar with the coin laundry business. There are many ways to do this: you can talk to laundry store owners in your area, attend the open house event of your local Electrolux distributor, or contact Laundrylux to talk directly with a coin laundry expert.

Of course, you could simply go back to Part 1 of this How To Start A Laundromat guide. You’ll pick up some helpful tips for newcomers to the laundromat industry like understanding neighborhood demographics, the basics of laundromat design, and how to choose the best coin washers, coin dryers, laundromat accessories, and laundry payment systems for your store.

2. Follow Your Passion

When you open a hybrid laundromat, you are essentially taking on two jobs. So make sure that the business you share with your laundromat is one that you are passionate about. Do you love a certain cuisine? Are you excited by the hustle and bustle of a busy cafe? Do you feel at home in a laid back bar that specializes in local craft beer?

Make sure that your side business is one that you love — you’ll be there every day! And follow your instincts. If it appeals to you, it will probably appeal to your customers too.

3. Create an Oasis

As much as those of us in the industry are passionate about laundry — we love talking about things like high-speed spin, axial airflow, and water-efficient technology — for most people, laundry is a chore. The goal of your hybrid store will be to make laundry something to look forward to — or at least not to dread. If you do it right, time spent in your store will become an oasis in the week of your customers. That unavoidable time waiting for their laundry will become a relaxing break from their busy lives. They may even enjoy laundry day!

4. Use Your Side Business as a Laundromat Marketing Tool

The laundromat business is recession-resistant, has a high survival rate compared with other startup businesses, and offers an impressive return on investment. Unfortunately, these things may not be true of the average food and beverage startup.

Of course, many hospitality businesses are extremely successful, but even if the restaurant/cafe/bar side of your business struggles to break even, it will boost the overall profits of your business if it makes customers choose your laundromat over your competitors store.

5. Research Permits, Licenses, and Regulations In Your Area

If you plan to pair a cafe, restaurant, or bar with your laundromat, you will need to research the relevant permits, licenses, and codes in your local area. Businesses that sell food and alcohol need to make sure that they comply with all local laws and regulations. So make sure to do your research in the early stages of planning your hybrid laundromat.

6. Consider Partnering Up or Renting Your Space

The logic behind a hybrid laundromat is easy to understand. You already have all of the overheads associated with leasing or owning a retail space — why not use some of that space to run a side business? And with all of those people waiting for their laundry you already have potential customers for your new venture.

But what if you don’t have the time or passion for a side business? Pair up or rent some space to someone who does. Your laundromat business will get the benefits of a hybrid laundromat — added revenue and happy customers — without the extra work.

7. Find an Electrolux Distributor In Your Area

There are many things to consider when entering the coin laundry business, and Laundrylux can find you a local distributor who will help you with every step of your hybrid laundromat business. Our authorized Electrolux distributors can help you with everything from financing to marketing, and of course, they can help you choose the best coin-operated washers and dryers for your store.

8. Choose The Right Laundromat Business Tools

LaundryPulse is a digital management suite developed exclusively for Laundrylux’s laundromat owners. This powerful technology helps our store owners access a large amount of data about their equipment, enabling them to make the best decisions for their business. As a hybrid store owner, your focus may not always be on the laundry side of your business. With LaundryPulse, you’ll have a silent partner keeping an eye on everything for you.

And while you’re making your life easier and more convenient, why not do the same for your customers? LaundryPay is our smartphone app for laundromat users. With LaundryPay, your customers can pay through their phone, check machine availability, and — if you choose to enable it — benefit from the built-in loyalty program.

Not Just For hybrid-store owners: Read how LaundryPulse can help every style of laundromat business!

Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs in a Hurry

★  Learn all you can about the laundromat industry.
★ Choose a side business that will make you feel excited to come to your store every day.
★ Create a space where customers can relax while they wait — they may even look forward to laundry day.
★ Like the idea of a hybrid store but don’t have the time? Get a partner or rent out part of your space.
★ Partner with a local Electrolux distributor — they know their stuff!
★ LaundryPay and LaundryPulse offer convenience for store owners and laundromat customers.

Ready to take the next step? Laundrylux can help you get started. Contact our laundromat experts today!

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