5 Signs to Upgrade Your On-Premises Laundry Equipment

Upgrading on-premise laundry equipment is a major decision for businesses that operate on-premise laundry facilities. Older equipment can be expensive to maintain and manage as they break down more frequently over time. This can require expensive service calls to function and cause delays in service, leaving a negative impression and poor experience for customers and staff.

Newer machines can help operations managers control costs, reduce the need for service calls, and lower the consumption of utilities. Upgraded on-premise laundry equipment can also streamline operations with better results, increased laundry capacity, and an improved laundry experience.

Not sure if your laundry operations are in need of an upgrade? Here are some key signs to look out for when considering new on-premise equipment.

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your On-Premise Laundry Equipment

1. Utility costs are high – and rising

One of the main advantages of upgrading to new on-premise laundry equipment is the potential to save on utilities. Laundrylux’s true commercial laundry equipment is engineered from the ground up with the highest quality parts available, to provide superior performance for commercial laundry needs.

By detecting the weight of your load, new washing machines from Laundrylux can lower water usage as needed by up to 30%. In addition, new machines can extract moisture in the washer more efficiently, so clothes need less time in the dryer, which reduces gas consumption.

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2. Service interruptions are more frequent

Broken or malfunctioning equipment is expensive – both for service charges, and the opportunity cost of lost revenue while machines are out of service. If your on-premise laundry equipment is breaking down frequently and service costs are rising, it may be time to look at investing in new machines.

3. You have considered outsourcing your laundry

If your business is frustrated by using old equipment, you’ve probably looked into outsourcing laundry services. While that might be an appealing short-term solution, there are many reasons why you should keep your laundry services in-house, including long-term cost savings, quality control, turnaround time, a lack of vendor reliability, and more. Instead of outsourcing, learn about the cost-effective ways to upgrade commercial laundry equipment.

4. Equipment is old

Even if your equipment is still functional, old laundry machines can hurt the customer experience. For businesses with customer-facing machines, such as a hotel guest laundry room, old and battered equipment can negatively affect the customer experience. To better satisfy your clientele, provide clean, well-maintained machines.

5. Your needs are growing

If your laundry operations are growing it may be a good time to upgrade your equipment. Newer machines are quicker and more efficient, improving results at a faster speed while extending the life of your linens. Moreover, upgraded laundry systems may be stackable or be smaller in size, allowing additional machines to fit within the available space.

Upgrading on-premise laundry equipment can help a business in a variety of ways: by providing better results, improving efficiency, and decreasing utility costs and service interruptions. If you are considering upgrading your on-premise laundry equipment, but are hesitating due to cost, consider a laundry equipment rental program that can provide machines with no up-front cost.

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