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Have you thought about starting your own business but aren’t sure where to begin? Small business owner Whitfield Gray III of AnyTime Laundry has an inspiring success story for entrepreneurs looking to try something new, manage their own success, spend more time with family, and even build a legacy.

Often, new entrepreneurs have a passion for doing things on their own, a vision for the business, and a general idea of how to get there, but lack some of the specific experience it takes to build and maintain a successful business. What kind of business should you start? How do you get your name out there? Can you afford the upfront investment? These are some of the many challenges entrepreneurs face.

Whitfield Gray found the coin laundry business while working a full-time government position. He realized he could begin a long-term investment for his future by opening a laundromat while maintaining his regular full-time employment. He used the 10-day government shutdown in 2013 to create a business plan for his laundry startup, and AnyTime Laundry was born.

Once he had his business plan in place, he began speaking to equipment suppliers, but found that they lacked the comprehensive support he desired. Eventually, he found Laundrylux.

“Laundrylux wasn’t just trying to sell the equipment like a lot of their competitors were. They offered a full set of services, including marketing and design, financing, and the best equipment on the market.”

Unlike other laundromat suppliers whose services are limited to equipment supply and repair, Laundrylux offers knowledgeable business and support services including creative marketing solutions, in-house financing, laundromat layout, equipment maintenance, and technical support. New laundromat owners often face steep upfront investments that can be substantially less when financed in-house with the laundry equipment supplier.

Time is another challenge facing new business owners. Whitfield had a full-time job when he opened his first location. Without Laundrylux’s help, Whitfield would have needed to do all of the planning and management on his own with his limited spare time. His goal was to spend more time with his family, not less.

“Life is full of ups and downs, and business is no different. Laundrylux has been a trusted business partner through all of it, helping me anytime things have taken a downturn.”

With the help of Laundrylux’s expertise and ongoing support, Whitfield now owns and operates two successful coin laundry locations.

Download the case study today to learn more about Whitfield’s story and how Laundrylux can help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.