With more and more consumers trying to be environmentally responsible in their everyday lives, businesses are looking for ways to increase their green credentials. If you run a laundromat, in-house laundry operation, or even a dry-cleaning business, with the right equipment and some simple sustainability practices you can lower your carbon footprint without lowering your profits.

1. Choose Equipment With the Best Energy Saving Technology

It always makes sense to choose washers and dryers with the best energy and water saving technology. Discover our energy-efficient Electrolux Professional Coin and OPL equipment, and learn how your business can benefit from our energy saving features.

Not only is our line of commercial laundry equipment environmentally sustainable, but your business will immediately notice utility cost savings — making these machines a great long-term investment.

2. Program Equipment for Optimum Efficiency

It is important to make sure your washers and dryers are programmed for optimum efficiency. Electrolux Professional laundry equipment comes with features such as Auto Saving and EcoPower that will automatically help you save on energy and water use, while our Compass Pro control panel lets you create custom programs to help you save even more.

3. Keep Your Machines Running Smoothly With Regular Maintenance Servicing

Maintaining your equipment is crucial to ensuring maximum efficiency. Attend an upcoming distributor event in your area for free service training! If you run a self-service laundromat, LaundryPulse can help you see which machines are due for a service, saving you money on costly repairs and helping keep your utility bills in check. Click here to learn more about LaundryPulse, our exclusive laundromat management tool.

4. Always Use Authentic Replacement Parts

Make sure you always use Authentic Replacement Parts — cheap copies can jeopardize the energy efficiency of your washers and dryers. Contact us for local replacement parts or to be connected with an authorized dealer in your area.

5. Don’t Over-Dry Linens

If your business is trying to lower its carbon footprint, constantly having to replace linens damaged by over-drying is the last thing you want. The impressive water extraction of Electrolux Professional high spin washers means your linens need less drying time, while our Reversing Dryer Cylinders and EcoPower leads to lower energy use with no over drying. All of this means lower utility costs and greater longevity of your linens.

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