After opening the first Wascomat coin laundromat in Manhattan in 1960, the brand created the industry as we know it. Today, Wascomat machines still lead in durability and utility savings.

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Why Wascomat?

  • Wascomat products are built to the highest standards for enhanced reliability. There are still 40-year-old Wascomat machines in laundromats today!
  • Superior water extraction results in faster turnaround times, increased customer capacity, and lower energy usage.
  • Wascomat laundry systems are engineered for significant water and energy savings to support your business and the environment.
  • Laundry management software enables mobile management for store owners and alternative payment methods for customers.

For a limited-time only, order this Wascomat bundle with 90 days deferred payment.

The Reliable Retool $279/mo *

In anticipation of increased demands on laundromats due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Laundrylux is making it easier than ever to upgrade your store. For owners who are looking for a reliable, budget-friendly improvement on their out-of-date laundry equipment, these 2 x 45 lb. Wascomat 100G washers can’t be beaten.

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  • Anti-virus wash cycle
  • Sanitizing disinfect rinse
  • HACCP-certified
  • Pair with hot dryers for extra protection

Who We Serve

Maximize the ROI of any commercial laundry investment across all industries with equipment and solutions from Laundrylux.

Laundromat Owners

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Business Investors

Shorten your time to market with access to a comprehensive suite of services and equipment to start and expand your business. Learn More


Maximize the efficiency of your industrial laundry systems by upgrading with premium equipment and no upfront investment. Learn More


A best-in-class user experience combined with modern, efficient machines will keep your tenants loyal to your laundry room. Learn More

Route Operators

Reliable performance, long machine life, and enhanced user experience ensure success and growth for route operators. Learn More


Following weeks of temporary closure, many businesses are opening back up with new safety guidelines and Laundrylux wants to help during these difficult times. With payments as low as $219/month and 90-days deferred payment, see how our washers and dryers can protect you and your customers.

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* Does not include sales tax, installation or freight.

What's included in each equipment bundle?

2 x W5240H (Electrolux 60 lb. soft-mount 450G washers)
2 x W5240H (Electrolux 60 lb. soft-mount 450G washer); and
2 x  W5300H (Electrolux 75 lb. soft-mount 450G washers)
2 x  WLD745 (Wascomat 45 lb. solid-mount 100G washers)
4 x Encore 22 lb. soft mount washers