Coin Laundry Equipment

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We are proud to offer precision-engineered Electrolux Professional and Wascomat Commercial coin laundry equipment designed specifically for the vended/coin laundry industry.

Electrolux Professional Coin Laundry Equipmenteco laundry011
Global leader Electrolux Professional boasts first-rate expertise in laundry solutions and the largest and most flexible product range on the market. Electrolux innovations deliver major savings in every step of the process through ‘Excellence inside’ – intelligent features and unique extras.

Want to learn more about the most innovative coin laundry equipment on the market? Click here for information on the new Electrolux Professional Line 5000 coin laundry products and features.

Wascomat Commercial Coin Laundry Equipment
Now’s the perfect time to open a new coin laundry business or replace old equipment with a brand the laundry industry has relied on for more than half a century. Wascomats are designed for long life, quality, and BIG energy and water savings.  In fact, there are 40-year old Wascomats still working in laundries today.

Want to learn more about the longest lasting coin laundry equipment on the market? Click here for information on the new Wascomat Generation 7 Commercial coin laundry lineup.