Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Flatwork Ironers

Introducing Electrolux Professional On-Premises Laundry Flatwork Ironers for your business’ in-house laundry operation.

Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Flatwork Ironers are the first “Plug and Play” ironer on the market and makes flatwork ironing accessible to everyone. The Flatwork Ironer’s speed sensor selects the perfect speed according to temperature and linen moisture content. Your business’ in-house laundry operator never has to make adjustments because Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Flatwork Ironers ensures no human error.

It’s simple. Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Flatwork Ironers provide you with increased productivity, absolute reliability and the results you are looking for.

Hotels and restaurants love our Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Flatwork Ironers.

Your customers expect exquisite, crisp sheets and perfectly pressed table linens. Electrolux flatwork ironers provide the ergonomics, advanced technology, and choice of options to make this possible.

Healthcare facilities, hospitals, and nursing home laundries rely on our Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Flatwork Ironers, too!

Optimum hygiene, safety, and cost-efficiency are just a few of the reasons why Electrolux is the most reliable partner for healthcare facilities.

Electrolux Professional On-Premises Laundry Flatwork Ironers features include:

  • Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System (DIAMMS™)
    Electrolux brings the first true moisture management system to the market. With this unique feature, you can enjoy the automatic control of your ironer’s speed. Your ironer is never too slow or too fast – guaranteeing you the optimum productivity. What’s more, your linen is always dried to perfection.
  • Dubixium™
    With the unique Dubixium™ cylinder, you will never again experience loss of production due to the sides of your ironer overheating. By means of a patented thermal oil flow inside the cylinder, heat is always evenly distributed through the length of your ironer. With the Electrolux Dubixium™ you will experience the comfort of steam, without steam – guaranteeing your business maximum profitability.

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