~ When laundry means business


The Crossover small chassis washer is a revolutionary product engineered exclusively for commercial use. Prior to Crossover there were two types of washers – xo_Washer_CoinAppliance and Professional.  Now there is the Crossover small chassis washer and dryer – they bridge the quality gap while keeping the price down.

Crossover Small Chassis Washers and Dryers feature:

  • 15,000+ cycle life versus 7,000 cycles for home appliance washers.
  • CrossBalance technology keeps loads balanced, shortening the time spent doing laundry. No error codes – Crossover washers finish the cycle.
  • Perfect replacement option for old home appliance washers.
  • 300 G-force extraction and low water consumption to maximize your profits.
  • Double plus load capacity convenience with easy to use controls that give your tenants a better way to do laundry.
  • ADA Compliant, CEE Tier 3 compliant, Energy Star rated

watersaverCrossover small chassis washers and dryers are available in coin and card vended. Contact Laundrylux for details on supported card systems.

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