Section 179 Tax Savings Add Up to FREE Machines


Section 179 Increased to One Million for 2018. Now is the time to upgrade!
If you are thinking of investing in new commercial laundry equipment, do not delay! You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars if you buy and put machinery into use before December 31, 2018.

Drumroll please…
Section 179 of the IRS 2018 tax code allows U.S. businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment during the tax year. That means that if you buy qualifying equipment and put it in service this year, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. In past years, you would have to depreciate an asset over a multi-year period.

Bonus Depreciation is at 100% this year
The 2018 tax law also increases the bonus depreciation percentage from 50% to 100% for laundry equipment placed in service before the end of the year. When applying these provisions, Section 179 is generally taken first, followed by Bonus Depreciation. Please speak with your tax advisor to learn more.

Get added peace of mind with Rate Guard
When you purchase Electrolux or Wascomat commercial laundry equipment, you can lock in your rate with Rate Guard – only available from Laundrylux Funding Services.  It provides the lowest rates available and locks it in, giving you peace of mind and more money in your pocket. Not only that, you can get approved in less than 24 hours.

HUGE savings
If you want an idea on what you can save, try the calculator on – you will be amazed at the estimated results.

  • For example, using the 2018 Section 179 Tax Deduction on $400,000 worth of

    Another example using the calculator shows a savings of $52,500 on $150,000 in equipment.

    equipment and other qualifying business equipment it shows a cash savings of $140,000!  In this example, the $400,000 in equipment purchased has a true cost of $260,000.

  • It’s worth it even on smaller purchases. For example, it calculates that $75,000 in equipment purchased has a true cost of $48,750 – saving $26,250.

The deadline is December 31, 2018
You must act quickly. In order to qualify for a Section 179 deduction, equipment must be purchased or financed and placed into service within the 2018 tax year – by 12/31/18.

Be sure to consult with your CPA or tax professional to find out if you qualify for Section 179, and if it could help your business save money.

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LaundryPay Has the Power to Transform the Laundromat Business

LaundryPay is here!

The long-awaited laundromat mobile app is now available for store owners to use with their Electrolux and Wascomat coin washers and dryers. The LaundryPay app gives customers full control over their laundromat experience, so they’ll never visit the competition again.

Laundry in the 21st Century

It is no secret that the world has been transformed by mobile technology. There are very few things in our lives that the smartphone hasn’t made faster and more convenient. We can now hail a ride from our phone, and on our twenty-minute ride home we can book a flight, pay our bills, order groceries, and wish our friend from middle school a happy birthday. While our LaundryPay app won’t actually do your laundry, it will give your customers the most convenient laundromat experience possible.

LaundryPay lets customers…

View machine availability
Pay through their smartphone
Get a notification when their wash is complete

The Ultimate Convenience for Laundromat Customers

Customers Will Never Need To Wait For A Washer Again

Nothing is more frustrating for customers than arriving at the laundromat after a long day at work to find that there are no washers available! With LaundryPay, customers can check machine availability before they leave home — so they’ll never need to wait for a machine again.

Convenient In-app Payment

Feeding dollars into the change machine is a thing of the past. With LaundryPay, customers can pay for their cycle direct from the smartphone app.

Get a Notification When Wash Cycle Is Complete

LaundryPay will send customers a notification when their laundry is ready to be transferred to the dryer. They can now go run their errands, safe in the knowledge that they will be notified when their cycle is done.

How LaundryPay Benefits Store Owners

Attract New Customers

If your store is equipped with Electrolux or Wascomat washers and dryers, you already offer the best wash in town. Now with LaundryPay, you can offer the most convenient laundromat experience, too. LaundryPay will help your store attract new customers and keep them returning, week after week.

Serve More Customers and extend peak hours

LaundryPay is a wonderful asset for store owners who experience machine bottlenecks at peak times. Because customers can check availability before visiting your store, LaundryPay can help even out the supply of customers, extending your peak hours. And with customers paying directly from the app and receiving a notification when their wash is done, everything in your store will run smoother.

Want more information? Visit or call us at 1-800-645-2204 to speak with a representative about LaundryPay!