Teeters Products Appointed Electrolux Professional Laundry Distributor



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Teeters Products appointed Electrolux Distributor

Doug and Dan Grise, Teeters Products in Ohio, appointed to the Electrolux Professional Laundry distribution network.

Laundrylux announced Teeters Products as the newest addition to the Electrolux Professional laundry equipment distribution network, effective May 1, 2018. Their territory is Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Founded in 1955, Teeters serves customers in the coin/vended, on-premises, and multi-housing channels from its newly renovated 40,000-sq.-ft. office and showroom facility in Fletcher, Ohio.


Teeters Products customers

Some of Teeters Products’ top customers learning more about the Electrolux product line.

“We’re thrilled to welcome such a professional and customer centric company like Teeters to our nationwide family of distributors,” said Gordon Kertland, Executive Vice President of Sales at Laundrylux. “We look forward to expanding their range of products and services for existing and new customers.”

As a veteran commercial laundry distributor, Teeters has grown to become a leader in providing personalized consultation, sales, service, and financing solutions. The company’s staff includes industry veterans who have helped entrepreneurs establish hundreds of successful laundromat businesses throughout the Midwest.

“Upon receiving Electrolux professional washers and dryers, we immediately renovated our lab,” explained Doug Grise, President of Teeters Products.  “After doing over 100 laundry loads in Electrolux and competitive equipment, we couldn’t be more excited to offer high performing, ultra-efficient solutions to our customer base.  Our new product line will play an immense role in shaping the next generation laundry,” Grise explains.  “The lab is open for demonstrations and our two renovated showrooms have never looked better.”

Founder Dorwin Teeters and Laundrylux VP Dawn Nagle.

Founder Dorwin Teeters with Dawn Nagle, Laundrylux VP. Dorwin founded Teeters Products in 1955.

The award-winning Teeters management team is led by father and son duo Doug and Dan Grise, along with an expert team of factory trained service technicians, parts experts and support personnel. Together they are transforming the company for future growth and expansion.

“The industry is rapidly evolving, and we’re positioning our company and services for the future,” said Dan Grise. “We have always given the highest level of support to our customers, and we want to help them discover new solutions. Electrolux Professional laundry equipment helps us to do just that. It offers unmatched product innovations, proven performance, and profit building technology to help owners gain the competitive edge. We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Electrolux and Laundrylux!”

As part of the new partnership, Teeters Products will launch a new website soon at www.tplaundry.com

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